Interior Detailing & Car Cleaning in Connecticut

Our interior detail is designed to bring the interior of your vehicle to its best possible condition. It involves a deep cleaning of the whole interior of the vehicle. We clean the carpet and upholstery using high-pressure super-heated steam and/or steam extraction and no harsh chemicals.

Recommendations: When choosing to detail the interior of your vehicle, consider such factors as if the vehicle is driven daily, the usual number of riders, if there are children or pets, and whether the passengers consume food and beverages, or smoke. If the interior of your vehicle hasn’t been cleaned in more than a year, the Ultimate Interior Detail is recommended.

Our Interior Steam Cleaning Methods
We use high-pressure, super-heated dry steam (about 115 psi between 150° to 167° Fahrenheit) to clean surfaces. Dry steam is almost moisture-less and interior surfaces are nearly dry within seconds. Since steam is a natural cleaning agent, we use chemicals only when necessary, or with no scent or very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The heat of the steam is an effective anti-microbial cleaning agent, destroying viruses, bacteria, and mold. We do not spray air fresheners or other scents to mask odors. Since steam is a natural deodorizer, it leaves the inside of your vehicle smelling fresh and clean.
Recommended Cleaning Frequency
A clean interior helps to maintain the investment you have made in your vehicle. Keeping the interior clean and fresh increases resale value. Consider scheduling an interior detail twice a year as part of regular interior cleaning to maintain the comfort of your ride. Keeping your vehicle’s interior clean gives you a clear mind and a healthier ride. Over time, the inside of your car may begin to smell. This smell can be caused by mold and bacteria or from the materials that become old and deteriorate. Dirty air vents can spread dust and other allergens throughout the cabin. A dirty cabin can also create or contribute to operational concerns. Having a lot of clutter can impede your ability to operate the vehicle effectively. Filmy windows and mirrors can obscure your view of the road. Dirt and dust can work its way inside buttons and switches and cause them to fail. Proper interior maintenance can help to keep the leather or vinyl from drying out and becoming brittle as the vehicle ages. 

Cars & Small/Compact SUVs: Starts at $225
Mid-Size, Large, & XL SUVs & Compact Pickups: Starts at $265
Full-Size Size Pickup Trucks & Mini-Vans: Starts at $300

This detail takes between 3 and 6 hours, depending on size and condition of vehicle. Heavily soiled vehicles may require more time.

Interior Auto Detail Includes

  • Thorough Interior Vacuum, including Trunk or Cargo Area
  • Steam Clean Upholstery, Carpet, & Floor Mats
  • Steam Clean Interior Panels, Dash, Console, Cup Holders, & Door Handles
  • Light to Moderate Odor & Stain Removal (Heavy Stain/Odor Removal, add $50+)
  • Clean & Condition Leather Surfaces (if applicable)
  • Headliner Spot Removal
  • Clean Doorjambs & Trunk Jamb (Liftgate on SUVs)
  • Remove Door Entry Scuff/Skid Marks (actual damage cannot be “cleaned away”)
  • Apply UV Protectant to Interior Panels, Dash, & Console
  • Clean Seat Tracks
  • Clean Inside Storage Compartments
  • Clean Sun Roof
  • Clean Spare Tire & Compartment
  • Clean Windows & Mirrors

Does Not Include
No exterior detailing.

*Does not include Connecticut state sales tax. Price is adjusted upward or downward based on actual condition of vehicle.

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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Ultimate Interior Detail


“You did an awesome job on my car. It looks fantastic inside. Thank you very much.” Chris – Old Lyme, CT, May 2017

2010 Mercedes C300
Ultimate Interior Detail

2010 Mercedes C300

Wow! Looks fantastic. Jacci – Branford CT, October 2016

2008 Honda Odyssey
Ultimate Interior Detail


“Rick, I am STUNNED at how amazing my car looks! Thank you removing 4 years of kid junk build-up. I didn’t know it was possible to get it so clean.” Cathleen –  Old Saybrook, CT, August 2014

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