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Can I schedule a same-day appointment?
In most cases it is possible to schedule a same-day appointment. Our telephone number is 203-584-1594.
Will you need to borrow my water hose or power outlet?
No. The service provided by Onsite Auto Detailing service is self-contained.
Can you detail my vehicle's engine?
No. Onsite Auto Detailing does not clean engines.
Can you detail my car where I work?
Yes. It is best to make appointments when the car will be parked on property that you own or rent. This can be at your home or a business where you work. To clean a vehicle on business property that you do not own, you must first get approval from the property owner.
Do I need to be at home or work?
No. Arrangements can be made beforehand if you are not going to be home. You or a designated agent will need to be present before the work begins to do the pre-inspection and after the detailing is finished to do the final inspection. A designated agent is someone you give authority to act on your behalf with respect to the auto detailing service and your vehicle. Either you or a designated agent must be present at the end of the auto detail to inspect our work for the 100% guarantee to be valid.
Do you need the keys to my vehicle?
Yes. Even though we will not drive your vehicle, we will need your key to start the engine so the battery does not lose its charge when opening and closing the windows, or using the power seats.
How do you protect my driveway or parking lot?
We can park your vehicle on a wash mat. It will collect any condensed steam vapor that may drop as water during cleaning and detergent drippings, soil, oil, grease, brake dust, detergent, and other compounds that incidentally might fall to the ground.
How long will it take for you to detail my vehicle?
Every vehicle is different, depending upon its size and condition. A full auto detail can take more than 6 hours. Vehicles that are dark in color, heavily soiled, or have pet fur do take extra time.
Do you remove deep scratches from the paint?
Onsite Auto Detailing does not remove scratches that extend deep into the clear coat and paint finishes of vehicles. The most that can be done is to reduce the appearance of the scratch. The easiest way to identify deeper scratches is to use the tip of your nail. If your nail doesn’t catch any edge at all, then this is the easiest form of car paint scratch to repair and surface marks to remove. If you can catch the edge of a scratch with the tip of your nail, then most likely it will be beyond the ability of Onsite Auto Detailing to it remove completely.
Am I charged Connecticut state sales tax?
Yes. Auto detailing is a taxable service in the State of Connecticut at 6.35%
How do I handle a concern?
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not happy, let us know and we’ll make it right. Should you have a concern with the service you have received, call us at 203-584-1594 within 24 hours of your auto detail and provide the details about how the service did not meet your expectations. We’ll schedule an appointment at no cost to you and address the areas of concern. If you still have concerns after we readdressed the issue, we will meet with you to review the issues. You will receive a refund if we are unable to address your concerns. Please note that Onsite Auto Detailing will not be held liable for any concerns if we have not been notified within 24 hours of job completion or if you did not complete the final inspection with us.
What must weather conditions be like for you to detail my vehicle?
Since the work of Onsite Auto Detailing is completed out-of-doors, the temperature must be at a minimum in the low 40s, with no precipitation.  In the event of inclement weather, your appointment will be cancelled, and neither you nor Onsite Auto Detailing will not be held liable in anyway.  If and when this occurs, we’ll reschedule or you can request a 100% refund of any fees you have paid.
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