Environmental Health

Onsite Auto Detailing is committed to providing services that promotes health and safety, and encourages responsible stewardship of the environment. We believe that environmental and health responsibility is about making responsible decisions with respect to our policies, practices, and principles that will reduce our negative impact on the environment, and support people’s health. We comply with requirements of federal, state, and local statutes, regulations, and standards that protect health, safety, and the environment.

Our Practices:

  • We are registered with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and follow all EPA & Clean Water Act guidelines.
  • Using steam has enabled us to provide clients with an innovative, superior method of cleaning the exterior of the vehicle. Our use of water is reduced. On average, our equipment uses less than three gallons of water to clean the exterior of a vehicle.
  • Since steam evaporates, there is no water run-off. So, the driveway, street, and parking lot remain dry. No water run-off means the streams, rivers, and lakes are safer.
  • To clean the interior of your vehicle, we also use dry super-heated steam. This is beneficial because steam destroys bacteria and sanitizes. If a stain requires a cleaning agent, we use neutral products – none of which contain ammonia or chlorine, and we minimize the use of products with dye or fragrance. This is beneficial to your health, especially those with environmental sensitivities.
  • All trash generated from the business or removed from vehicles is separated by type and placed in recycling. 
  • We keep detailing your vehicle quiet.  All of our equipment has the lowest decibel ratings so we do not disturb you or your neighbors.
  • We do as much “paper work” electronically as possible.

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