Complete Auto Detailing Package in Connecticut

This is our “full” detail package. It is designed for vehicles that need a thorough cleaning – inside and out.

Our Complete Detail includes a deep cleaning of all interior surfaces, leather, and carpeting using non-toxic cleaners and steam. The exterior receives a complete cleaning of all surfaces, paint and glass decontamination, a polish with light swirl removal, and application of wax to protect the finish and provide a deep gloss shine.

If your vehicle is new or in relatively in newer condition, does not need the “deep clean,” or if you want to customize an auto detail based on your needs, you want our Light Detail Package.

If you are only looking for a deep clean interior detail, visit our Interior Detailing services. If your goal is to maintain and protect the exterior from water spots, bugs, bird droppings, or tree sap, and UV damage (oxidation), or to remove/reduce moderate swirls and scratches in the paint or oxidation, visit our Exterior Detailing services. We also offer Headlight Restoration.

Our Interior Steam Cleaning Methods
We use high-pressure, super-heated dry steam (about 115 psi between 150° to 167° Fahrenheit) to clean surfaces. Dry steam is almost moisture-less and interior surfaces are nearly dry within seconds. Since steam is a natural cleaning agent, we use chemicals only when necessary, or with no scent or very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The heat of the steam is an effective anti-microbial cleaning agent, destroying viruses, bacteria, and mold. We do not spray air fresheners or other scents to mask odors. Since steam is a natural deodorizer, it leaves the inside of your vehicle smelling fresh and clean.
Our Exterior Steam Car Wash Method
Our eco-friendly exterior car wash system uses high-pressure, super-heated steam (about 115 psi between 150° to 167° Fahrenheit) to clean the exterior of your vehicle. With the combination of steam pressure and heat, it is possible to clean the tightest spaces and fittings that would otherwise be completely inaccessible using a high-pressure washer. The steam will not harm the surface of your vehicle. And since steam is heated, we rarely need to use chemicals, such as detergents. Using steam also conserves water. It takes less than 2 gallons of water to clean most vehicles. Using steam, no water is wasted and there is no run-off. Even though there is no water run-off, the vehicle is still parked on a wash mat to protect your driveway, parking lot, and the environment from incidental droppings.

Starts at $345

*Starting price for small cars. This detail takes between 4 and 7 hours, depending on size and condition of the vehicle. Larger, darker exteriors, and a heavily soiled interior and/or exterior requires more time and cost. Plus Connecticut state sales tax.

Interior Auto Detail Includes

  • Thorough Interior Vacuum, including Trunk or Cargo Area
  • Steam Clean Upholstery, Carpet, & Floor Mats
  • Steam Clean Interior Panels, Dash, Console, Cup Holders, & Door Handles
  • Light to Moderate Odor & Stain Removal (Heavy Stain/Odor Removal, add $50+)
  • Clean & Condition Leather Surfaces (if applicable)
  • Headliner Spot Removal
  • Clean Doorjambs & Trunk Jamb (Liftgate on SUVs)
  • Remove Door Entry Scuff/Skid Marks (actual damage cannot be “cleaned away”)
  • Apply UV Protectant to Interior Panels, Dash, & Console
  • Clean Seat Tracks
  • Clean Inside Storage Compartments
  • Clean Sun Roof
  • Clean Spare Tire & Compartment
  • Clean Windows & Mirrors

Exterior Auto Detail Includes

  • Steam Hand Wash
  • Clean Crevices of Body, Emblems, & Moldings
  • Clean & Wax Doorjambs, Trunk Jamb (Liftgate on SUVs), & Fuel Door
  • Clean & Degrease Wheels, Wheel Wells, & Tires
  • Remove Bugs, Light Tar, Soft Tree Sap, & Light Road Oils
  • Excessive/Hardened Tree Sap, Heavy Tar, & Paint Overspray (Additional Charge)
  • Exterior Decontamination Chemical & Clay Bar Treatment
  • 1-Step Finish Polish/Light Swirl Removal & Wax Using Machine
  • Apply Protectant to Exterior Plastic, Vinyl, & Rubber Trim
  • Clean & Polish Exhaust Tips
  • Dress Tires & Wheel Wells Using a No Sling Dressing
  • Apply Sealant to Paint Surfaces for 6 – 9 Months of Protection (add $50+)
  • Black Trim Restoration Using Solution Finish (add $25 – $75)
  • Headlight Restoration (add $45 per headlight)

Does Not Include
No polishing to remove heavy oxidation.
No paint correction to remove moderate to heavy paint defects (e.g., moderate to heavy swirls & scratches).
No engine or engine compartment cleaning.

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2011 Audi S4
Ultimate Detail Package


“Rick is an impressive businessman. He is polite, comes at that the time he commits to, completes the job on time he states and leaves the area as clean as he found it. My husband and I will continue to use his service.” Betty – Northford, CT, December 2017

2011 Subaru Outback
Ultimate Detail Package


“Rick did an absolutely awesome job of making my six-year-old Outback look like it just came off the showroom floor. He showed up right on time, he does absolutely exemplary work, and my husband and I are very pleased with the outcome. There isn’t a surface inside or out of the car that hasn’t been cleaned to perfection. Thanks, Rick!” Jim & Lisa – Branford, CT, September 2016

2011 Porsche Panamera
Ultimate Detail Package


“Quality – Couldn’t be better!” Paul – Woodbridge, CT, March 2017