Auto Detailing Frequency

Just like a regular mechanical maintenance schedule will keep a vehicle running properly, regular auto detailing will keep the appearance looking its best and help to consistently maintain its resale value. A detailed vehicle is much more appealing to drive and is a great way to protect your investment. Should the time come to sell your vehicle, a clean, detailed vehicle tells the potential buyer that it was properly maintained.

Frequency of Interior Detailing
Seeing that so many people spend hours in their cars commuting and running errands, a clean interior is a far more pleasant place to be. Many factors determine the frequency of detailing the vehicle’s interior, such as if it is driven daily and the usual number of riders. Consider having the interior thoroughly detailed once year, and more often if there are children or pets, or the passengers consume food and beverages, or smoke. Regular interior maintenance includes cleaning the glass, vacuuming, and wiping-down all surfaces monthly, or as needed.

Frequency of Exterior Detailing
The look of your vehicle gives the first impression of how well it is maintained and if you work in an industry where appearances are important, then how well it is maintained can be a reflection of you and your approach to life.Detailing the exterior on a regular basis helps to protect it from the elements, acid rain, bird droppings, environmental fallout, and harmful rays of the sun. How often you detail the exterior of your vehicle is based on driving patterns, if the vehicle is garaged, and weather conditions. Typically, the exterior on most vehicles should be thoroughly detailed once a year. Between exterior details, wash the vehicle once a week and apply a fresh coat of wax every month or so.