Headlight Restoration


Our headlight restoration process saves you money, increases the appearance of your vehicle and, more importantly, allows for better visibility at nighttime and during poor weather. We can restore headlights to like-new condition by taking off the top layer of oxidized plastic. This can be achieved through wet sanding and polishing. The top layer of plastic on the headlights contains a UV polymer that slows down the aging of the plastic lens. We’ll replace that UV polymer with a new sealant that contains a UV protectant to slow down oxidation or discoloration of the lens.

Add to Any Exterior Enhancement Detail or Ultimate Detail Package
$30 per headlight.

Estimated Time Needed
1 – 2 hours (depends upon the number and condition of headlights)

Before (2002 BMW 325i)


After (2002 BMW 325i)


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Monday to Sunday
7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.





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