About Onsite Auto Detailing and Rick Cain, CD SV

I am Rick Cain, a professional detailer, and owner of Onsite Auto Detailing, LLC. I have a reputation for owning a clean and shiny car. Over the years, I have owned 17 vehicles and kept each one in immaculate condition. Because detailing is a passion I’ve enjoyed for many years, I want to share my experiences with my clients.

I believe the foundation for making your car look its absolute best starts with the proper products and tools tailored to each unique situation. It is because of this that I continuously maintain my knowledge and skills by staying up-to-date on the latest technology by reading the literature and attending industry-related trainings. I have spent countless hours researching and learning the best and most innovative detailing techniques, products, and tools to bring the best results for my clients. I have attended Mike Phillips’ Detailing Boot Camp at Autogeek, part of the Palm Beach Motoring Club. In August 2015, I completed the International Detailing Association’s certified detailer’s examination and in January 2017, I completed and passed the International Detailing Association’s Skills Validation Examination. Keeping things safe is also important, so in January 2016 I completed the OSHA General Industry Safety Course.

I am also passionate about keeping things healthy. I hold graduate degrees in health education from George Mason University and Penn State University. Prior to opening Onsite Auto Detailing, I spent more than 20 years in higher education, consulting, and working in health-related non-profits. I have transferred some key aspects of my knowledge from health education to auto detailing to provide methods that protect your health and keeps the environment safe. Onsite Auto Detailing uses steam to clean the interior of your vehicle. Steam destroys bacteria and sanitizes. We only use neutral cleaning products. So, when you, your children, pets, and others ride inside a vehicle we’ve just detailed, there is no risk of toxicity from harmful chemicals. On the exterior, Onsite Auto Detailing uses steam to wash your vehicle. Since the exterior of most vehicles require less than two gallons of water to clean and steam evaporates, there is no water run-off, so the driveway, street, and parking lot remain dry, and the streams, rivers, and lakes safe.

I am committed to exceeding my client’s expectations by providing unmatched customer service and the highest quality detailing services in the area. As a small business owner, I work hard to listen and meet each individual customer’s needs and make sure I take care of her or his vehicle as if it was my own. This is why I believe in a good-fit between clients and myself. You will find that I like to talk with you about what it is you really want and take the time to explain what is needed.  This way, I can recommend only those services that are needed to your specifications. Regardless of the year, make, or model of your vehicle, the services I offer are for those who want the best care for their vehicles, so my focus is always on quality, not volume. I am fully insured and, with my 100% guarantee, there is never a risk.

I look forward to working with you!


Onsite Auto Detailing provides high-quality auto-detailing and cleaning services for your car, truck, or SUV. We’re mobile and come to your home or business. To arrange for service, call 203-584-1594.

Rick Cain